The Experience

Making an appointment

We invite families to each study separately, usually via phone. We make an appointment with the parents about a week ahead so that everyone can choose a convenient time slot.

Warmup (10-15 mins.)

As families arrive in our center, they meet the person running the study who explains the procedure and the goal of the study in detail and engages the children in play to make them feel comfortable. This takes place in a colourful, friendly reception area.

Study (5-10 mins.)

We escort the family to a separate room where we involve the child in a game or show them a short video, and record their different responses and looking patterns.


After the session we return to the reception area where the children can choose a small gift and we discuss the study with the parents.

What does signing up entail?

By signing up to participate you agree to be contacted about research opportunities, but there’s no obligation to actually participate. We ask for the parents’ consent for each study separately and they may withdraw that at any point.


We only use this data to get in touch with the families in relation to research and we don’t share it with any third party. We store the applicants’ personal information no longer than the child’s tenth birthday, but we delete it upon request at any point.

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